Teach India Fund - Student Aptitude Test


Teach India fund – Student Aptitude Test (TIF-SAT) is an online CBT (Computer based Test) which aims at evaluating the Core Competency of students and identify and grade their skill sets. TIF-SAT scores reflect the overall competency of the students in a bigger way that existing State and Central Boards fail to do. It is the Yardstick indicator of where the individual stands in comparison to others.

TIF-SAT is not only an important test to identify and nurture the talented student but also help in pinpointing areas of strength and weakness in every Student.The questions and the marking scheme are designed in such a way that a student can develop decision making ability and the reasoning power.

Teach India Fund has taken up an important task of searching young talents through Scholarship Exam. This is a self assessment event indicating your readiness to take up new challenges in education sector and many other spheres.

Teach India Fund and its team is dedicated to helping you find a sponsor for your graduate and PG studies in India. We approach various Individuals, Companies and Corporate with your TIF-SPE score and get them to Fund your Studies. They select the students based on their assessments and sponsor them (fully or partially) for their Graduate studies.

The Grants are strictly for education and related expenses only. At No Point any cash is awarded to the student and all money goes directly to institutes and universities. Books and Hostel Expense also may be reimbursed for every year after submission of proper invoices.

Having helped 180 Indian students in past years, we are the biggest private grant enabler in the country. For the year 2021-22, we have 3 programs running are more are being added every day.

 With a goal to find sponsors for upto 700 students this year, TIF-SAT 2021 will be The Exam to take and excel